Aescin akut

Aescin akut

Effervescent tablets Aescin acute. Food supplement.

Package: 20 effervescent tablets in tube

Weight: 50 g

Content: 20 mg of aescin in tablet, bicarbona soda, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, carotene colouring. Fragranced.

Use: heavy leg feeling, traveling, surgery, injuries

Caloric value: 1 tablet = 12 kcal

Dosage: 1 tablet dissolve in glass of water. When traveling drink before or during the travel. In other cases drink as soon as possible when you feel a problem.

Maximum are 3 tablets daily.

Aescin does not influence attention during driving!

Active substances in 1 tablet % RDA
Aescin – 30 mg is not stated

% RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

Auxiliary substances
soda bicarbona, Magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, carotene colouring, fragranced


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • The preparation is not intended as a substitute for a multicoloured diet.
  • Store in the original package at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Recommended price in pharmacies: CZK 127 inc VAT



Multivitamin s minerály AKCE

multivitamin akce eshop

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Kyselina hyaluronová: sérum na lift. ošetření AKCE

Kyselina hyaluronová: sérum na lift. ošetření akce

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Iontový rozpustný nápoj NOVINKA !

iontovy napoj

Nápoj do horkých letních dnů - osvěží, hydratuje, dodá vitamín C a minerály (citron, pomeranč, černý rybíz). 

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