2,2% ichtamol in polysan®

2,2% ichtamol in polysan®

Healing liniment. With dead sea mineral - creamy consistency

This product with great anti-inflammatory and calming effect we made according to the original Czechoslovak recipe in composition enriched with ichtamol in 2,2 % concentration. Lubrication, linimentum in latin, characterized by easy spread ability and healing effect on the skin. Ichtammol in adjusted concentration is easily absorbed by sensitive skin. Cream reduces water loss from the skin and improves the hydration. Ichtamol acts against the production and development of inflammatory skin reactions. Ii maintains or establishes the microbial balance of the skin and effectively acts against bacteria, yeasts and molds. Significant is also its antioxidant activity, or ability to suppress excessive sebum production.

Products advantages

  • The unique product composition contains colloidal magnesium hydroxide, water, olive oil and 2,2% ichtamol
  • Filling to the plastic cup with pump prevents bacterial contamination
  • Without preservatives and fragrances

Used active substances

Product contains 2,2% concentration of ichtamol. In this lower concentration is great for all skin types, especially for very sensitive. It has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and fungicidal effects on the skin.

Another contained substances are olive oil and magnesium. Olive oil ensures hydration to the skin and lubricates the skin at once. Magnesium calms the skin, makes pleasant cooling feeling and ensures regeneration.

Preparation 2,2% ichtamol in polysan® is in creamy consistency, it is not greasy after application and it absorbs immediately.


2,2% ichtamol in polysan® is made in 100g package and it is filled to the plastic cup with a pump, which prevents bacterial contamination.

Recommended use

  • Helps to healing dermatitis seborrhoica, microbial and dishydrotic eczema
  • Helps to additional treatment at psoriasa, rozacea and the centres of atopic eczema
  • Suitable during healing acne and prickley heat


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