4,4% marigold in polysan®

4,4% marigold in polysan®

Healing liniment. With dead sea mineral - creamy consistency

This product with antibacterial effect we made according to the original Czechoslovak recipe in composition enriched with marigold in 4,4 % concentration. Lubrication, linimentum in latin, characterized by easy spread ability and healing effect on the skin. 4,4% marigold in polysan® effectively hydrates, cares, protects, regenerates and heals sensitive skin.

With regular use it can reduce small wounds, scars and renew hard and cracked skin. Using marigold leads to the elimination of small wrinkles and making new ones is postponed. The skin looks younger step by step. Light consistency, which is achieved through advanced manufacturing technology, provides immediate absorption and it does not leave an unpleasant sticky feeling on the skin.

Products advantages

  • The unique product composition contains colloidal magnesium hydroxide, water, olive oil and 4,4% of marigold
  • Filling to the plastic cup with pump prevents bacterial contamination
  • Without preservatives and fragrances

Used active substances

Product contains concentration 4,4 % of marigold, which is successfuly used for calming, hydrating and regenerating of dry skin. Marigold really helpes regenerate the skin very well, that is why marigold is successful helper in fight with many skin problems, for example acne, dry skin, stretch marks or milia.

Other contained active substance is olive oil, which lubricates and hydrates the skin.

Contained magnesium calms the skin, makes pleasant cooling feeling and ensures regeneration.

4,4% marigold in polysan® is creamy consistency,  it is not greasy after application and it absorbs immediately.


4,4% marigold v polysan® si made in 100g package and it is filled to the plastic cup with a pump, which prevents bacterial contamination.

Recommended use

  • For calming down, greasing and tissue regeneration
  • Helps with healing cracked lips, little crack of lips corners and tissue around nose
  • Supports abrasions, scars and non-healing wounds regeneration and healing


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