8,8% polysan® gel

8,8% polysan® gel

Drying cooling liniment. With dead sea mineral.

This product is made according to the original Czechoslovak recipe. Thanks to production innovation we managed to achieve its light creamy consistency. Lubrication, linimentum in latin, spreads easily, it has drying and cooling effect on the skin. Polysan® 8.8% gel is a gentle substitute to liquid powder. It is cooling liniment, it has a very good impact on irritated and sensitive skin and because of the magnesium inside it calms and gently dries the skin.

With a special composition and production technology reduces itching and burning. Its anti-inflammatory and astringent prevents spread the lymphatic vessels infection to the surrounding parts. The gel can be easily spread to larger areas of the body. The gel makes slight whitish film on the surface of the treated skin.

Products advantages

  • The unique product composition contains colloidal magnesium hydroxide and water
  • Filling to the plastic cup with pump prevents bacterial contamination
  • Without preservatives and fragrances

Used active substances

Presented product contains 8,8% polysan® gel

Contained magnesium soothes the skin, makes a pleasant cooling feeling on the skin and promotes its regeneration. Magnesium hydroxide is obtained by a complicated manufacturing process and together with water produces optimal consistency for good spread ability on the skin.


8,8% polysan® gel is made in 100g package and it is filled to the plastic cup with a pump. This packaging prevents bacterial contamination.

Recommended use

  • Local healing supplement of first choice for erysipelas, herpes simplex and herpes zoster in the initial phase
  • Time-proven during healing intertrigo (rush due) and acute eczemas
  • Gentle substitute to liquid powder
  • During insect bites and stings


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