Lecitin 1500mg

Lecitin 1500mg

New Lecithin 1500 mg with chocolate flavor.

RosenPharma company - a purely Czech pharmaceutical manufacturer, offering its customers a unique product again. Lecithin 1500 in crispy and tasty pills (30 pills in the package) is the result of top-class technology and high professionalism.

Who is our crunchy lecitin 1500 for?

  • for those who are asking the highest Lecithin power available on the market
  • for those who have problems with washing down and swallowing often large tablets and capsules
  • for those who want to maintain their health in a tasty way

How to use?

Just put it in your mouth and crunch it ... nothing more ... Our dragée is as crunchy as candy, which of course helps your health.

Weight: 62 g

Package content: 30 draže

Dragée content

Composition in 1 dragée

equivalent of oil lecithin 1500 mg

glucose / sucrose 1202 mg

polyols 7 mg

% RDA (recommended daily allowance) is not stated.


Vánoční akce

Raw Water

raw water 4 jpg

Pramenitá raw voda. Přirozeně sycená, obsahuje vápník.

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b komplex neuro

Přispívá k normálním funkcím nervového systému a psychiky, podporuje nervy, myšlení a jemnou motoriku.

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