theBrainer® chocolate

theBrainer® chocolate

43% chocolate to your pocket.

Ingredients: theBrainer(R) 8,7%, cocoa mass and coffee 44%, sugar 46%, acidulants malic acis and gluconolactone, emulsifyer lecithin. Flavoured by coffee and vanilla.

theBrainer contain(mg): taurine 1000, glucuronolactone 600, caffein 60, inositol 60.

High caffeine content (max. 330 mg/100g). Not suitable for children, pregnant and breast feeding women.

Alergens: may contain traces of nuts.

Nutritional facts/100g:

  • kJ/kcal: 2251/537
  • fats/of which saturates: 40/31g
  • sacharides/of which sugar:47/44,5g
  • proteins: 2,5g
  • salt: 0,01g
  • fibre 0g

Store at room temperature.



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