theBrainer® Vejr apple energy beer

theBrainer® Vejr apple energy beer

Alcohol-free , energy beer with theBrainer® granulate

Masterfully cooked special non-alcoholic amber lager, bitter with a pleasant taste of fruit cooked according to the original recipe that not only motorists, but everyone who likes to reward himself with a quality beverage will appreciated it.

330 ml

145 kcal

max. 0,5% Alc.

Ingredients: the Brainer(R) 1,4%, dextrose, acidulants: malic acis and gluconolactone, natrium hydrogencarbonate. Flavoured.

theBrainer contain(mg): taurine 1000, glukuronolactone 600, caffein 60, inositol 60.

Nutritional facts/100g

fats/of which saturates:0g
sacharides/of which sugar:0/0g
proteins: 0g
salt: 0,0g
fibre 0g.

High caffeine content (max. 25mg/100g). Not suitable for children, pregnant and breast feeding women.



Pinio-Nasal nosní mast !

Pinio-Nasal nosní mast

Nosní mast s éterickými oleji k ošetření pokožky nosu a jeho okolí. Usnadní normální funkci dýchacího systému.

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