Ionic soluble drink

Ionic soluble drink

Drink for hot summer days

  • In three refreshing flavours: lemon, orange, black currant.
  • Refreshes, hydrates, adds vitamin C and minerals.
  • Content of a packet dissolve in 1,5 l of water


  • vitamin C - 8 mg/10% RDA*
  • sodium - 324 mg**
  • magnesium  - 36 mg as citrate/9,6% RDA*
  • calcium  - 80 mg as carbonate/10% RDA*
  • potassium - 470 mg as chloride/23,5% RDA*
  • zinc - 1 mg/10% RDA*
  • carbohydrate sugar - 7,5 g
  • colour: riboflavin (lemon), β-Carotene, riboflavin (orange), amaranth, cochineal red (black currant)
  • flavoured

* RDA recommended daily allowance for adult person in one packet   
** RDA recommended daily allowance  is not stated


Keep in dry place, at room temperature. It is not intended for children up to 3 years.


Weight: 12 g/packet

Energy value: 29 kcal




Pinio-Nasal nosní mast !

Pinio-Nasal nosní mast

Nosní mast s éterickými oleji k ošetření pokožky nosu a jeho okolí. Usnadní normální funkci dýchacího systému.

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