Raw Energy Water

Raw Energy Water

Spring energy raw water. Lightly sparkling, it contains calcium.

It hydrates, stimulates attention, alertness, thinking, performance and focus.

High quality spring water founded in depth 400 to 500 metres in protected landscape area Středočeská křída. Age of this water is estimated at least for 70 000 years.

Content: 0,33l

It contains

Spring raw water, carbon dioxide - max. 3g/l. theBrainer ® contains (mg): taurine 1000, glukuronolacton 600, caffeine 80, inositol 60 mg, polydextrose, acids citric, malic, sodium bicarbonate (acidity regulators).

Cations: Na+ 20 mg/l, K+ 4,10 mg/l, Mg2+ 11,2 mg/l, Ca2+ 180 mg/l

Anions: Cl- 32,2 mg/l, NO3- 15,5 mg/l, HCO3- 320,3 mg/l, SO2-4 139,3 mg/l

Source: Beneta V1

Location: Benátky nad Jizerou

Caloric value: 10 kcal/330 ml

Store in a cool place and protect from direct sunlight.




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