RosenPharma, a.s.

RosenPharma, a.s. the company history

We are a czech company and we are on the market about 20 years.

We are specialized in production drug technology in the form of:

  • effervescent, coated, dragée and homeopathic tablets
  • p.o. drops
  • food supplement

Within contractual partnership we supply to the market drugs and food supplements.  From the very beginning we take care of high quality of our products and of time proven recipes based on pure natural basis.


In 2003 the modern history of our company has started. Long-time experiences and knowledge of production technology and products healing characteristics allow us to make a major decision and focus on our own production program.  


Crucial year, that helped us to start our own production. In this year we have finished a building the new tablet factory in Veverské Knínice near Brno. The factory was built in full compliance with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP, with which the State Institute for Drug Control in Prague makes rules for preparations production classified as drugs. Thanks to it we are able to offer contract manufacturing in strictly controlled conditions and we have the opportunity to focus on our own production and development.

In the fall this year we have launched our own set of natural products RosenSPA, based on the effects of brown peat. With a special method we isolated peat active substances to the concentrated solution PELOIX®, which allows us to make very successful group of home spa care. PELOIX® is still unique on our market.


17th October this year State Institute for Drug Control granted RosenPharma a permission to producing medicine. This way we have become a pharmaceutical company and started to fully concentrate on contracts production.


From the beginning we have bet on the honest attitude to our work, products quality and mainly on respect the nature. Thanks to it we are able to offer to our clients a wide portfolio of products provides with a complex care of our body.

Between our major products belongs a set of unique technologies for:

  • Collagen products

Set of products coming from time proven pharmaceuticals recipes as:

  • Polysan® dermocosmetics  

Set with API addition:

  • Octan
  • Gasterin gel®

From sophisticated technologies:

  • Lecitin dragée
  • HA gel
  • Aescin effervescent tablets

And mainly energy products theBRAINER®.

Some of our food supplements complex program fulfil standards for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

E.g.: Multivitamin, Gasterin gel®, Větroplach etc.

We are proud that our company RosenPharma, a.s. made it through the unfavourable period of economic stagnation in last years and manage to keep 100% czech capital and full quality of the products supplied on the market with reasonable prices.

We are going follow our attitude to the futire as well and continue in development and production of our products, which recipes are derived from beneficial effects of pure nature.

HA gel AKCE !

Kolagen sprint 30

Sterilizovaný gel z kyseliny hyaluronové v praktickém 16ml balení.

Kupte v našem e-shopu se slevou 15%: 101 Kč 119 Kč


Pinio-Nasal nosní mast !

Pinio-Nasal nosní mast

Nosní mast s éterickými oleji k ošetření pokožky nosu a jeho okolí. Usnadní normální funkci dýchacího systému.

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