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Collagen in tablets

Collagen products in tablets for beautiful, wrinkle-free skin and for musculoskeletal support. All of our products contain hydrolyzed collagen, which allows for repeated intensive treatments.

You can choose from several variants, a detailed comparison can be found here: collagen product comparison. You can order collagen tablets with hyaluronic acid for skin smoothing, collagen type I and II tablets, collagens for athletes and users with high physical stress. Especially for professional cosmetic care cosmetic collagen with hyaluronic acid.

All our collagen products can be ordered in our e-shop at competitive prices. You will get a free gift with every purchase.

The effect of collagen

Klouby a kosti

joints and bones


joints and bones

pojivá tkáň

connective tissue





What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that makes up as much as a third of all the proteins in our bodies. It serves as a vital building block for our bones, ligaments, cartilage, and skin. These tissues require collagen for their strength and elasticity, as well as their ability to recover from injuries.

Collagen is naturally produced in the body, but its production decreases with aging. This can lead to a range of symptoms, such as wrinkles and drooping eyebrows. In addition, a lack of collagen can also lead to painful joints, an increased risk of fractures, and reduced ligament strength.

There are many ways to support collagen production in the body, such as proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep. There are also a number of dietary supplements containing collagen that may be beneficial for those who want to improve their collagen status. These supplements are most commonly sold in the form of powders, tablets, or drinks.

It's important to note that not all dietary supplements containing collagen are equally effective. Some types of collagen are better absorbed by the body than others, so it's crucial to choose a quality product.

Hydrolyzed collagen has the best absorbability

Hydrolyzed collagen is a form of collagen that is broken down into smaller peptides through the process of hydrolytic degradation. This improves its digestibility and the body's ability to absorb it. These peptides can then be used as a source of amino acids for the body, which has positive effects on the health of the skin, joints, bones, and other tissues.

All of RosenPharma's collagen preparations contain hydrolyzed collagen!

Kolagen v tabletách

Types of collagen

There are 4 main types of collagen:

  • Type I: This is the most common type of collagen and is found in bones, skin, hair, and nails. It is strong and durable, playing a key role in supporting the strength and firmness of these tissues.
  • Type II: Found in cartilage, this type is important for proper joint function. It is softer and more flexible than type I.
  • Type III: Located in body tissues such as fat, muscle, and tendon, it provides strength and elasticity.
  • Type IV: This is a layer of collagen situated beneath the skin surface, supporting the structure of skin cells.
  • There are also other types of collagen found in the body, but types I, II, III, and IV are the most important and prevalent.

Which collagen to buy?

It depends on your individual goal and need.

Type I is best for supporting the health of bones, skin, hair, and nails. This falls into the beauty category for beautiful skin, and exactly this type of collagen is what you should order. In the vast majority of cases, this type of collagen is contained in all collagen products that also include type II, making the choice simpler. If you've chosen from our range, type I collagen is included in all products.

Type II is suitable for supporting joint activity. Your go-to collagen would be one that contains type II. Our products that contain type II collagen also contain type I, offering broad-spectrum use. From our collagens, this includes Collagen COMPLEX tablets, Collagen SPRINT, chewable tablets.

Specifically, for those interested in the maximum effect on the skin, we offer collagen tablets supplemented with hyaluronic acid tablets. These are Collagen FORTE + Hyaluronic Acid, Cosmetic Collagen COMPLEX + Hyaluronic Acid tablets.

Are you seeking collagen for joints?

In our products, reach for those that contain collagen types I and II. To be clear, our other products will also benefit your joints, but we have previously explained the benefits of both types of collagen. These products are:

Are you seeking collagen for beautiful skin?

kolagen v tabletách

Your situation is considerably simpler, and your selection within our product range can be more economically oriented. However, if you decide to take advantage of the power of collagen and hyaluronic acid at the same time, the choice is quite clear.

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