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B-komplex Repelent pro děti
Food supplements

B-komplex Repelent for kids

Food supplement
Healthy repellent in tablet form for children from 3 years.
Contains 80 mg of THIAMIN (Thiamin is excludes from the body with sweat and urine and mosquitos do not like it).
  • Package contents:
    25 dragée
  • Weight:
    24 g
  • Recommended pharmacy price:

    62 CZK inc VAT

Effects of B-complex Repellent

  • For using at the water, on the holiday, during sports
  • The best to use it is between May and September
  • Covers the daily dosage of vitamins from B group and protects from mosquitos
  • Made for adults and kids from 12 years (for younger children B-complex Repellent for kids)
Composition in 1 dragée
Active substances in 1 dragée % RDA
Pyridoxin hydrochlorid - B6 12,2 mg 290% RDA
Thiamin mononitrát - B1 98,7 mg 2400% RDA
Riboflavin 98% - B2 10,2 mg 243% RDA
Nikotinamid - B3 50,0 mg 104% RDA
Panthothenan calcic - B5 40,0 mg 222% RDA
Folic acid - B9 400 ug 65% RDA
Biotin - B7 30 ug 20% RDA
Kyanokobalamin - B12 10 ug 120% RDA

% RDA =  Recommended Daily Allowance

Auxiliary substances
filler microcrystalline cellulose
anti shrink substances magnesium stearate, talc, macrogol titanium dioxide, iron oxides
colouring titanium dioxide, iron oxides
carrier crosscarmelose
acidity regulator dicalcium phosphate
thickener arabic gum
polishing ethyl cellulose, shellac

up to 20 kg 1 dragée daily, 20 to 40 kg 2 dragée daily (above 40 kg B-complex Repellent)

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • The preparation is not intended as a substitute for a multicoloured diet.
  • Store in the original package at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.