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Kyselina hyaluronová - sérum

Hyaluronic acid - serum

Treatment serum for smoothing down the fine facial wrinkles.
  • Package:
    5 ampoules with 2 ml each
  • Recommended pharmacy price:

    500 CZK inc VAT

Hyaluronic acid, a molecule called youth is a natural component of the skin. With its ability to bind water hydrates the skin, reduces wrinkles, accelerates skin healing. It promotes the formation of new collagen.


To hydrate and regenerate the skin, reducing wrinkles, firming skin.

Hyaluronic acid, aqua, alcohol


Serum can be applied daily on fine facial wrinkles and neckline.

After make-up removal gently dab the serum on the treated parts.

Once opened, use within 48 hours.

  • Open ampoule beyond the level of the face.
  • Turn ampoule with white dot to you.
  • Hold the ampoule at the bottom in one hand.
  • Hold the upper part of the ampoule with the pad in other hand and break it away from you.

A drop of serum from ampoule put on your finger and apply.


Product is not suitable for children. Keep out of reach from children. Ampoules are not intended for injection application.

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