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Rosen Spa



RosenSPA brown is brown peat extract, thanks to which you can now enjoy the effects of rehabilitation baths and detoxify the whole body in the bath at home.

  • Package:

    5 bottles of PELOIX® - extract from balneological peat, 5 x 50 ml
    1 bottle of spa oil

  • Recommended pharmacy price:

    525 CZK inc VAT

Why should we use RosenSPA brown bath at home?

Because of its unique composition it is an ideal complement to the treatment of many diseases.

RosenSPA supports:

  • treatment to musculoskeletal diseases such as: chronic arthritis, deforming osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, slow healing fractures or osteoporosis
  • treatment to diseases of the nervous system, such as: conditions after head trauma, brain, noninflammatory diseases of the nerves
  • treatment to diseases of the reproductive organs, chronic gynecological inflammations with fungal origin as well, inadequate function of the ovaries, female infertility, chronic prostate problems
  • treatment to chronic civilization diseases, anxiety and stress
  • recovery and rehabilitation after traumatic conditions, RosenSPA Brown helps improve the quality of life for all who feel the effects of stress lifestyle nowadays
  • detoxifies the entire body
Rosen SPA
Rosen SPA

Cosmetics effects of RosenSPA Brown:

  • The extract has beneficial effects on the skin, it soothes
  • Ingredients suppress the influence of free radicals on the skin, and slows down the aging process
  • For dry and normal skin, we recommend to add SEO® bath oils
Composition RosenSPA

Composition RosenSPA Brown: PELOIX® peat extract, propylene glycol, glycerin, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, fractionated coconut oil, beta-glucan, pine oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, sage oil, calendula oil, preservatives

Composition SEO® oils: Laureth-4 / Myreth-4, PEG-4 rapeseedamide, Laureth-11 carboxilic acid, laureth-5-carboxilic acid, mineral oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, fractionated coconut oil, sesame oil

How to use RosenSPA

Home Bath

Spa Bath – during the filling up the bath with water add the content of one bottle with extract. Fill the bath with enough water (about 100-120 liters of water in a classical bath) so that the entire body is comfortably immersed in a bath having a water temperature around 37 ° C (+/- 2 ° C). The optimal bath time is 20-30 minutes.

Sitting bath – it is prepared by adding half of the content of one bottle with extract to about 30-50 l of sitting bath. Time of stay in the in the sitting bath is optimal for 20-30 minutes.

Whirlpool bath – add 1 bottle of extract to 150 liters of water. Water temperature around 37 ° C (+/- 2 ° C). The whirpool bath time is optimal for 15-20 minutes.

Always check the water temperature with a thermometer attached.


Warm local pack prepare with 1 teaspoon of extract and ¼ liter of pleasantly warm water. Absorbent cloth napkin put into the prepared solution, put it on the affected part, cover with foil and a heated towel to maintain the temperature. Apply several times a day as needed for 30 minutes during joint pain, muscle pain, back pain and for increasing local blood circulation.

Important notice

Application of the hot peat must not be used during: serious acute diseases of the nervous system, acute inflammation of urinary tract, cardiac disease with deterioration function, severe inflammatory circulatory disorders (phlebitis, etc.) During severe inflammatory skin diseases, in feverish conditions. Product is not suitable for pregnant women and children under three years. Contraindications with any other drugs has not been established.