Moskyto gel

Moskyto gel

Mosquito gel for insect bites 16 ml in tube.

Fast and effective relief after stings and insect bites, jellyfish and nettles burns.

Category: Cosmetics

Weight: 40g


  • Acetate Gel - effective against swelling, cools and reduces pain.
  • Butterbur medical - natural antihistamine - effective against allergies, itching and burning.
  • Horsetail – anti-inflammatory effect - reduces the risk of inflammation, disinfects the wounds and prevents infection during scratching.

Practical packaging for any trips.

Helps when you are at the sea or in the forest.

Suitable for children to summer camps.

Recommended price in pharmacies: CZK 69 inc VAT




HA gel AKCE !

Kolagen sprint 30

Sterilizovaný gel z kyseliny hyaluronové v praktickém 16ml balení.

Kupte v našem e-shopu se slevou 15%: 101 Kč 119 Kč


Pinio-Nasal nosní mast !

Pinio-Nasal nosní mast

Nosní mast s éterickými oleji k ošetření pokožky nosu a jeho okolí. Usnadní normální funkci dýchacího systému.

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