Drops and spray, which free your nose.

10 ml

Oil nasal drops and spray with essential oils. It facilitates the normal function of the respiratory system.

Also suitable for inhalation devices and for aromatherapy.

Products variants:

  • Pinio-Nasal nasal drops
  • Pinio-Nasal nasal spray

Composition: Pini etheroleum, Menthae piperitae etheroleum, Eucalypti etheroleum, Thymolum, Extractum rosmarini, Oleum amygdalis. (the same composition in both product variants)


Pinio-Nasal nasal drops: 1-2 drops to the both nostrils 2x / day

Pinio-Nasal nasal spray: 1-2 dosages to the both nostrils 2x / day


  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • Store at the room temperature.
  • Do not use longer then 7 days.


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Pinio-Nasal nosní mast !

Pinio-Nasal nosní mast

Nosní mast s éterickými oleji k ošetření pokožky nosu a jeho okolí. Usnadní normální funkci dýchacího systému.

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