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Octan sáčky

Octan sachets

Do not wait for an accident. Keep Acetate bags (aluminum acetate ) in first-aid kit. - Immediate use facilitates treatment and accelerates healing.
  • Package contents:
    2 dosage in one package (2 bags A, 2 bags B)
  • Weight:

    22 g

  • Recommended pharmacy price:

    78 CZK inc VAT

Granulates for preparing a solution for compress. First aid during sports and hiking activities. Time proven product, safe (lead free).

Use when:

  • mechanically caused swellings
  • contusions
  • sprain
  • insect bites


  • It has immediate relief
  • It has the astringent (contracting) and cooling effect
  • Prevent the swell growing
  • Calming effect is multiply by using ice water
Potassium Alum, Acetic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Oxide, Citric/Mailc Acid, PVP, TALC, Magnesium Steaparate
  1. to 330 – 500 ml cold water
  2. dissolved sachet A
  3. add sachet B
  4. soak some fabric in and put it on the injury part.
  5. compresses can be changed often as you need