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1,1% kyselina hyaluronová v polysanu®

1,1% hyaluronic acid in polysan®

Regenerating liniment
  • Weight:
    100 g

Regenerating liniment. With dead sea mineral - creamy consistency

This product we made according to the original Czechoslovak recipe in composition enriched with hyaluronic acid in 1,1 % concentration. Lubrication, linimentum in latin, characterized by easy spread ability and healing effect on the skin. Thanks to the manufacturing process, which uses the latest technological innovations, is well absorbed into the skin tissues. Skin is tight immediately and visibly soften. On the skin is made visibly lifting effect. It helps lubricates the skin, calms and then regenerates.

Products advantages

  • The unique product composition contains colloidal magnesium hydroxide, water, olive oil and hyaluronic acid
  • Filling to the plastic cup with pump prevents bacterial contamination
  • Without preservatives and fragrances
Recommended use

Product contains concentration 1,1 % hyaluronic acid, which has a basic value in maintain elasticity, firmness and tightness of the skin. It supports production of self collagen and it takes part in other important biological processes in the skin.

Other contained active substance is olive oil, which lubricates and hydrates the skin.

Contained magnesium calms the skin, makes pleasant cooling feeling and ensures regeneration.

Preparation does not leave a greasy feeling and absorbs immediately.

Recommended use
  • Fast healing cracked lips, little crack of lips corners and tissue around nose
  • Fast complexion reparations after invasive cosmetic treatments and interventions
  • Makes faster healing process, prevents scars making and leaves pliant skin

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